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Student Learning Space (SLS)

As part of Ministry of Education’s (MOE) commitment to nurture future-ready learners, an online learning platform known as the Student Learning Space (SLS) has been developed and rolled out in 2018 by MOE.

The SLS is an online platform with tools and curriculum-aligned resources for all students to learn at their own pace and collaboratively. With the SLS, students can take greater ownership of their learning and pick up skills and habits that prepare them for lifelong learning.

1. Where can I understand more about SLS?

Click on the title to watch and learn more about

a. What is SLS?

b. What are the resources inside SLS that can support Self-Directed Learning?

2. How can I access SLS?

SLS can be accessed from https://learning.moe.edu.sg

The username is the student's first five letters of their name and last five characters of their ID. The SLS password had been given to the student through their teacher.

3. If you have forgotten your password, what should you do?

There are 4 ways to reset the SLS password. They are; 

  • Approach the student's form teachers for help
  • Call Sschool helpdesk at 67604265 or email grps@moe.edu.sg
  • Call SLS helpdesk at 67026513 or email helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com