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Parent-Teacher Briefing 2021

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending the eParent Teacher Briefing on 27 January 2021.

Click on the title to view the various level briefing slides by our school leaders and year heads.

Thank you. 

President's Award for Teachers (PAT)

PAT honours the achievements of educators who demonstrate passion and commitment in teaching their students. Launched in 1998, it recognises excellent educators for their dedication and hard work in inspiring and nurturing our young.

Express your appreciation for an excellent educator from GRPS by clicking the title link. The deadline is 26 jan 2021.

Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA)

OYEA honours the achievements of young teachers (35 years old and below) who are role models for the teaching profession. These educators motivate, challenge and inspire their students to realise their full potential. They personify deep passion for teaching, youthful idealism, energy and enthusiasm, and play a critical role in moulding the future of our nation. 

Express your appreciation for an outstanding young educator today by submitting your nomination online by clicking the title link. The deadline is 12 jan 2021. 

Student Learning Spaces (SLS) - Instructions and FAQs for Students

Dear Parents, attached is the annexes and set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you with the usage of the Student Learning Spaces (SLS). 

Changes To The PSLE Scoring And Secondary One Posting From 2021
Click the link above to read and find out more on the changes to the PSLE scoring and secondary one posting from 2021.