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Home Based Learning (HBL)

With the implementation of full Home-Based Learning from 8 April to 4 May, teachers will be assigning HBL activities to ensure continuity of learning at home. 

Students will be engaged in asynchronous learning most of the time. Asynchronous learning allows students to learn at their own pace. At times, teachers will engage students in synchronous learning which may include the use of live video conferencing tools.

Click here for the HBL schedule. 

We also invite parents to share ideas and good practices for Full Home-Based Learning with our school. You could attach photos and praise mails for parents, your child and teachers to thank them. 

Online Tools for Learning

SLS: https://vle.learning.moe.edu.sg/login
Zoom: http://zoom.us/
eZhishi: https://www.ezhishi.net

Learning Devices 

Please provide your child with the means to access instructions and learning activities. 

  • Personal Learning Device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone)

  • Internet access

  • Speakers, headphones or earphones, microphone (Live sessions)

  • Web camera (Live sessions)

Live Session Etiquette

Live Lessons Etiquette (Contributed by Qifa Primary School, Ms Rashna Shantini, Ms Asley Wang and Ms Jasmine See)

HBL Etiquette.png

Click here for Student Learning Space (SLS) Support For Home-Based Learning