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MOE Safe Management Measures After CB

To reduce transmission risks when school reopens on 2 June, the school will uphold safe management measures at the various instances:

(A) School Arrival and Dismissal

       School will continue to do visual screening of students at the gates for flu-like symptoms and teachers will continue to screen their students for flu-like symptoms in class, and ask students if any of their household members exhibit flu-like symptoms

       [New] All staff and students will wear a face mask to school at all times except during eating and drinking.  Teachers and students will also be issued face shield as a secondary option during lesson if long hour use of face mask is uncomfortable. The bookshop will sell disposable surgical masks and reusable masks.

(B) Safety in Classrooms

       School will continue to implement safe distancing and personal hygiene measures and during lessons, seating with at least 1m between students, wipe down routine, washing hands regularly. The second temperature-taking will be taken prior to afternoon lessons e.g. remedials which will commence from week 3.

       [New] Teacher will employ frontal teaching with masks or face shields and stand at least 1m away from students where possible.

(C) Safety for Recess-based Activities

       School will continue with staggered recesses by level and designated seating arrangement/queue markers with safe distance of 1m.

       [New] When there are more than one level scheduled during the recess timing (e.g. P3 and P6 at 10am), one of the levels will have their recess break in the classrooms. Students will be informed of the arrangement when school starts.  During recess, students should only remove their masks when consuming food and should refrain from talking when their masks are removed. They are encouraged to wear their issued face shields in the canteen when eating and drinking.

(D) Safety for Other School-Based Activities

       School will continue to suspend mass events like assemblies and inter-class CCAs to minimise intermingling. No external activities should be held outside of school, including inter-school student activities, for the time being.

       [NEW] Students should not wear masks when engaging in activities like running, jogging. They should keep their masks in a hygienic manner before the start of physical activity (e.g. covered bag/ resealable bag with name labels). Safe distancing should follow the national posture for exercising i.e. 2m during physical activities. NAPFA test for P4 and P6 will be cancelled due to challenges posed by safety management measures to implement the testing safely. National School Games competitions for 2020 will be cancelled as there is insufficient time to complete the season within the school calendar. The students would not be adequately prepared for competition due to the lack of training since suspension of CCAs from the end of Term 1.

(E) Guidelines on Personal Hygiene (students will be guided by teachers)

a)       Hand-washing with soap will be more effective in eliminating germs than using of hand sanitisers. Good hygiene habits (e.g. such as avoid touching eye, nose and mouth without proper handwashing) should continue to be practised. 

b)      Regular use of sanitisers may dry the skin. They should be used when hand soap and water are not readily available for hand-washing. Should students develop a skin allergy/rash due to the hand sanitiser, they should stop using it and inform their teachers. All classrooms will be equipped with sanitisers.

c)       Guiding students on proper use of hand sanitiser:

  • Step 1: Dispense enough to cover all surfaces of both hands (a coin-sized drop on your palm.
  • Step 2: Rub your hands together, ensuring both hands are covered with sanitiser, including the area                under your fingernails.
  • Step 3: Keep going for about 15 – 20 seconds, or until your hands feel dry.