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Partnership & Outreach

Primary School Experience for Kindergarten Pupils

Our school has been inviting children from the nearby kindergartens for the ‘Primary School Experience for KG Pupils’ for the past three years. During this event, the KG pupils get an experience of the visiting different special rooms and doing some activities. The children also get a chance to buy their own food and tasting the different ethnic food the canteen offers.      

Staff Values in Action

At Greenridge Pri, teachers also do their part to contribute to the community. Since 2015, teachers have been visiting senior citizens’ homes to interact and engage the seniors in fun-filled and meaningful activities. The experience the teachers gained during the Staff VIA is then shared with pupils to enthuse and create a ripple effect among the pupils and motivate them to contribute to their community.

Hosting for seniors during National Day

The school invites senior citizens to the school during National Day every year. During the event, the contribution and sacrifices of the pioneer generation are highlighted to the pupils and the seniors are appreciated and thanked in the nation-building efforts. The event also gives opportunity to the student leaders to interact with the seniors, understand them better and to be appreciative and kinder to seniors in their family.   

Food Collection for the Needy

Every year the P6 pupils collect food items from residents in the neighbourhood and hand it over to our collaborating partner, Food from the Heart (FFTH). The experience of collecting and packing the food items for the needy people teach a valuable lesson for our pupils to care for the less fortunate people in the community. FFTH identifies needy families and distributes the food item to families in need.