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Parent Engagement

School Leaders Dialogue

The school leaders meet up with different groups of parents every year to engage them in meaningful conversation to understand their concerns with regards to their children’s learning or development. Parents have used this platform to clarify policies implemented by MOE.

Parent-Teacher Meeting & Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher Meeting is conducted at the beginning of the year to create an opportunity for all parents to understand the current teaching trends, syllabus and assessment carried out in school. This meeting helps to close the gap between the school’s and parents’ expectation.

The Parent-Teacher Conference creates a one-to-one opportunity where teachers can give personalised feedback to parents on the child’s development. The conference also highlights the strengths and areas of improvement for the children.

Curriculum Workshops for parents

The school conducts curriculum workshop for parents on how they can support their children in their studies. Such workshops have received positive feedback from parents.