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Student Well-Being

The Student Well-Being Department undertakes to nurture Social and Emotional competencies, strengthen positive Teacher Student Relationship and promote the mental well-being of students within a caring and supportive learning and school environment, involving all teachers. To facilitate the acquisition of SE competencies, our school has used a variety of existing platforms:

-  The explicit teaching of SEL as part of the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE); and through Guidance Areas which include Education and Career Guidance, Sexuality Education and the Cyber Wellness curriculum;

-  The infusion of SEL into existing academic curriculum;

-  The use of teaching approaches that require students to apply social and emotional competencies, for example, group work and cooperative learning; and

-  The informal curriculum, for example, CCA, outdoors education and specific school programme like leadership programmes and camps.

-  To strengthen Teacher Student Relationship, our school has adopted various strategies to focus on the mentor teacher concept so that more attention will be given to individual students throughout their primary school life under the PERI recommendations. In addition, the formation of the Student Development Team and the introduction of the Year Heads in our school since 2015 has further strengthen our school’s capacity to know and cater to the needs of students.

GRPS Positive Education Framework

Positive Education is an approach to education that draws on Positive Psychology emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning. Greenridge Primary School’s Positive Education approach aims to create a culture of well-being at the heart of quality education. Through our vision of Engaged Learners and Caring Leaders, the implementation of our Positive Education Programme, teaches students life skills beyond the classroom to increase their learning capacity and help them build happy and successful lives in a positive community.

Our Positive Education Framework @ GRPS is adapted from Martin Seligman’s PERMA model, and can be seen as a road map of what our students want and need in order to flourish and be successful. These include Positive Emotions, Engagement, Quality Relationships, a Sense of Purpose and Meaning, and the Accomplishment of Goals. Build on the foundation of our school values of Integrity, Graciousness, Responsibility and Public-Spiritedness, it is about empowering our students to strengthen their Resilience in ways that support the self and others.

Drawing on the PERMA model, together with our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), the Positive Education programme at GRPS applies a Feel it, Show it and Live it approach to implementation. In the classroom, students focus on identifying their strengths, building positive emotions, resilience and fostering positive, supportive relationships. Classroom exercises and activities include the Gratitude Package, Evidence-Based Activities and Energy Bus Exercises that are done during FTGP Periods and Assembly Programmes.

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