Uniform & Attire

General points to note

Final Full Uniform.jpgFinal PE attire.JPG

. No jewellery or any item of personal adornment is allowed (e.g. bracelets, wristbands, necklaces etc). If a religious item has to be worn, written permission must be obtained from the Principal.
. Nails must be kept short and without nail polish.
. Pupils should not be wearing any form of make-up.
. Tinting, bleaching and colouring of hair are not allowed.

Girl 1.jpegGirl 2.jpeg

. Fringe must not be touching the eyebrows
. Hair beyond shoulder length must be in a bun or plaited into one or two plaits.
. Hair beyond the second collar line must be tied or held back neatly with a black hair band or black hairpins/hairclips.
. Pupils must not wear any coloured contact lenses or tinted spectacle lenses.
. A matching pair of small, plain studs or transparent ear sticks may be worn on one ear hole of each ear.
. Nails must be short and without nail polish.
 . Length of school skirts should cover the knee caps.

Boy 1.jpegBoy 2.jpeg

. Hair must be kept short and neat.
. Hair must not cover the forehead, touch the eyebrows, ears or first collar line.
. The back of the hair must be sloped.
. No spiky, gelled hair.
. “Punk” (layered, tails, shaved, spiky), or sloppy, untidy hairstyles are not allowed.
. Boys are not allowed to have pierced ears.
. No sideburns allowed.


. Only plain white socks which cover the ankle are permitted.
. No ‘dancing-type’ footwear should be worn (as shown above).
. Pupils should wear proper black canvas shoes that provide enough support for sporting activities
. Only shoes with shoe-laces and Velcro fasteners are allowed.
. Soles of the shoes cannot be coloured.


Spectacles worn by pupils must be functional and should not be a fashion accessory.
. The frames should not have any outlandish design or patterns on them.
. The lenses must not be coloured or tinted.
. The frame should be in a plain dark colour.

. Any item deemed as a distraction to lessons may be confiscated and banned.
. No handphones/smartphones/digital media players are permitted. 
. No exception is given for Learning Journeys, CCAs/events that fall on Saturday or school half-day celebrations, unless permission has been granted by teachers.