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Pre Assembly Social Talks

Pre-assembly social skills talks are conducted for P1 to P4 students every week. Students will be equipped with skills to relate with their peers more positively, enhancing social cohesion. When the environment is positive, students will be able to manage academic stress better. Students with challenges can then become better learners when their social and emotional needs are addressed.  

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R.I.S.E & Shine Programme

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The R.I.S.E & Shine Programme started in 2014 as a prototype 9-week research and evidence-based pilot project, for Primary 4 students to cultivate resilience in them. The programme encompasses of 7 interactive and engaging sessions where pupils learn skills to build resilience through hands-on activities, a learning journey to meet successful and resilient individuals and a graduation ceremony to render appreciation to participants.

This programme was designed based on a publication, “A Guide to Promoting Resilience in Children: Strengthening the Human Spirit” from the International Resilience Project and a book, “The Optimistic Child” by Dr Martin Seligman. Based on Dr Edith Grotberg’s research, children who are resilient have three key resilient promoting factors in their lives, which are incorporated into the programme as stepping stones to achieve the objective of cultivating resilience in these students. 

The three factors comprises of “I have”, which represents external support and resources for children, “I can”, which denotes the child’s internal and personal strengths and “I am”, which signifies the child’s social and interpersonal skills.

“Learning Journeys” are life changing for young people where they develop a greater worldview and gain the much needed exposure, necessary to function in an increasingly larger world. In 2014, students were provided with the opportunity to meet Chef Eric Teo at his Culinary Studio where they had the opportunity to interact with him while learning to make simple chicken wraps. .

During the interaction they learnt about Chef Eric Teo’s personal struggles and how he overcame them which led him on to become a respected and successful chef that he is today. In 2015, the pupils participated in Sandcastle Building Workshop by “Castles Can Fly” and learnt life lessons such as resilience, initiative, self-confidence and empowerment (R.I.S.E values) amongst their groups. They also managed to speak with Alvin Lee who is the founder of “Castles Can Fly” and a great example of resilience. He shared with the pupils about his challenges in forming the company and the importance of being optimistic.

The R.I.S.E & Shine Programme is still ongoing in school with the support of the pupils, teachers and parents. The programme hopes to walk through similar journeys with more students in the future to maximise their potential and ensure that they “Rise and Shine”.

Prefects’ Investiture

The Prefectorial Board is the pinnacle leadership development body in the school and its purpose is to identify, develop and nurture students who have the potential to be among the top echelon of the student leadership body. They are given opportunities to be actively involved and engaged in various aspects of school administration as well leading student service learning initiatives in the school with the aim of grooming them into excellent service leaders.

A group of newly selected Primary 3 – Primary 5 prefects and all current prefects had undergone the Prefects’ Investiture on 23rd and 24th February. It was during the investiture that the prefects had the honour to have their ties/vests put on by the teachers on stage with pride.

Earlene Ng Yu Hui from 6 Humility was officially appointed as the Head Prefect for 2016 where she led the rest of the prefects on stage in reciting the Prefect’s Pledge.