Wushu club aims to promote the spirit of Wushu . Through this sport, members learn how to keep their bodies fit, and at the same time, learn about the traditional Chinese martial art.  When members mastered  a particular skill, they will be handpicked to compete in the annual local inter-school competition. Such competition encourages members to build their self confidence and gives opportunity to our members to interact with the other schools' Wushu teams. 

Our Wushu members are also  involved actively  in various school's events and celebrations.

Wushu as a whole will help one to achieve excellence in: 
• Physical: flexible, agile, good body co-ordination, good stamina. 
• Mental: develop self-confidence, teamwork, good memory, mutual support.

Highlights of Activities

Jovan Lee Kai Wen 3LY Champion for both Spear and 4 duan Sword in 14th National Primary Schools Wushu Championship 2018

Huang Zi Xin Venus 5HU 4th position for 3 duan Nanquan in 14th National Primary Schools Wushu Championship  2018


Performance on 26th Prize Giving Ceremony


Chinese New Year Performance


Wushu team members in training