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Programmes (Level) 2020

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

P5 P6 Creative

Pongal Celebration

P2 Speech & Drama Workshop

P5 P6 Ace programme
P5 P6 Creative Writing

P5 P6 Ace programme

P2 Speech & Drama Workshop

Mother Tongue Fortnight
P1 P2 Speech & Drama Workshop

Mother Tongue Fortnight

P3 P4 Storytelling Competition


Pongal celebration 2019

Pongal is a traditional Indian harvest festival. In Greenridge primary school, students celebrated Pongal by participating in recess activities. Students read articles about the history of Pongal which were pinned up on the notice boards. Than they answered quiz in quizizz based on what they read. Students also coloured kolam designs on a printed paper. 

P2 Speech and Drama Programme

This 8-Week Workshops to achieve students’ presentation and communication skills through the various aspects of movement and expression. Improves articulation and language proficiency Students to develop clear speech and fluent delivery and enhance effective teamwork and social skills to promote Tamil language usage.

P1-P6 MTL Fortnight

Every year, GRPS will dedicate two weeks for MTL Fortnight Programme. This programme gives the opportunity for pupils to do various activities to instill the love of learning about the mother tongue language and culture. Pupils were more confident and proficient communicators of the Mother Tongue language. To promote this, the ML unit had prepared various interesting activities for the pupils. They were:-

Crown making                        : P1
Puppet making                       : P2 (Characters from the story)
Mother Tongue camp             : P3

Traditional games                  : P4
Folk dance                              : P5

Musical instrument                : P6

Recess activities

On 26th of April 2019, children took part in recess activities like, “I know my language”. Prefects said a few phrases or sentences in English. Children than repeated the same sentences or phrases in their Mother Tongue languages. Children, who said it correctly, won a small token.

Children also played traditional games like “Kolai kolaiyaai munthirikka” and “Oru Kodam Thani  Vilayattu” games.  

Teachers shared a story with the children during their recess in Mother Tongue book loft on 20th of April 2019 as part of Mother Tongue Fortnight activities and also, to launch Mother Tongue book loft. 

Children took part in creative writing competition during curriculum time. Teachers taught P3 and P4 children to write number stories and P5 and P6 children, to form a five sentence story based on the picture that the saw. P5 and P6 higher mother tongue children were taught to write simple poems. 

P3 MT camp

P3 students took part in mother tongue camp held by external vendor. Children took part in the activities conducted by the vendor. 

School Tamil Language Magazine

§ 2nd Tamil Magazine “Kai Vannam 2” were created in a E-Book format which was the first  E-Book magazine in our school. This magazine is the collection of the creative writings from Primary 1 to 6 pupils. Selected students works are published into the magazine.


Story Telling Showcase

The P3 and P4 pupils will go through a story telling showcase during the MT curriculum time. With the theme Harmony, pupils will prepare a story to showcase to their peers.

Deepavali Concert 2018