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P2 P3 P4 P5 Buddy Reading

P5 P6 Creative

P1 P2 Speech & Drama Workshop

P5 P6  Ace programme

P2 P3 P4 P5 Buddy Reading

P5 P6 Creative Writing

P1 P2 Speech & Drama Workshop

Mother Tongue Fortnight

P4 Mother Tongue

P5 P6  Ace programme

P3 P4 Storytelling Competition

P6 PSLE Mock Exam

P5 P6  Ace programme


Deepavali House 

P1 & P2 Speech and Drama Programme

This programme aimed to develop language and communication skills through incorporating students’ presentation and communication skills through the various aspects of movement and expression. Improves articulation and language proficiency. Students to develop clear speech and fluent delivery and enhance effective teamwork and social skills to promote Tamil language usage

P1 Show and Tell 

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P5 & P6 Creative Writing Programme

The programme aimed to develop language and writing skills in pupils. Students to be confident writers of varied genres; narrative, picture based and descriptive. Provide students with effective creative writing techniques. Prepare students with effective techniques to enhance their ideas and language skills inclusive of figurative language. Students to develop a flow of fluid ideas and critique their ideas.

P4 i-Trail 

The programme encouraged the appreciation of the culture and tradition of the Chinese, Malays and Indians. The P4 pupils learnt about the history and culture of the various racial groups through i-Trail software via iPads by visiting Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam. Through this programme, pupils not only gain knowledge but a better sense of respect of the three races maintaining unity in diversity. In addition, these pupils were also equipped with the Social and Emotional Competencies such as Social Awareness and Relationship Management.   

P3 - P6 Essay Writing Competition

P3 - P6 Essay Writing Competition_1.jpgP3 - P6 Essay Writing Competition_2.jpg

P3 - P6 Essay Writing Competition_3.jpgP3 - P6 Essay Writing Competition_4.jpg

P3 - P6 Essay Writing Competition_5.jpg
P3 - P6 Essay Writing Competition_7.jpg

P1-P6 MTL Fortnight 

Every year, GRPS will dedicate two weeks for MTL Fortnight Programme. This programme gives the opportunity for pupils to do various activities to instil the love of learning about the mother tongue language and culture. Pupils were more confident and proficient communicators of the Mother Tongue language. To promote this, the ML unit had prepared various interesting activities for the pupils. They were:

                                                                    Clay making : P1 

                                            Puppet Making : P2 (Characters from the story) 

                                                            Thoranam Making : P3 

                                                Traditional Field Game : P5 (Sadu Kudu)   

                                                   Folk Dance : P6 (Kummi or Koalaatam)

Apart from these, we also had level wide activities such as the P3-P6 Writing Competition, The Tamil pupils enjoyed learning about Tamil language and culture in a fun way.    

Story Telling Showcase

The P3 and P4 pupils will go through a story telling showcase during the MT curriculum time. With the theme Harmony, pupils will prepare a story to showcase to their peers.  
Teaching and Learning

Activating Students as Learning Resources for One Another.


Engaging students in assessing the work of their peers is not just a labour-saving device for the teacher. Implemented properly, it can substantially increase student achievement, both for those who get help from their peers, and peers who provide the help.

This distinct purpose that people express for cooperation and collaborative learning, the first is that because adults are required to work together in their jobs and communities. So the school should prepare young people to work in this way. Secondly, students work together can produce greater learning then students work individually. Formative assessments can help to increase the learning what that teacher wants them to learn.

TECHNIQUES - Peer Feedback

Peers helping each other involves settings in cooperatively in pair or group. When students are involving each other feedback, there are at least take less time than getting students into groups. For feedback five to ten minutes may be needed. When work in peers one student directly addressing the other or students either are speaking to or being spoken directly to the level of engagement is generally higher.  

STRATEGY used in P1 and P3 pupils in the Tamil Language classes 

  • Feedback techniques was attempted. 

  • Students able to assess each other formatively assessing each other’s work to judge it but improve it. The principles of effective FA to help student act as learning resources for one another for P1 and P3 pupils in the Tamil Language classes.

Recess Activity - Kolam

P1 Formative Assesment