Tamil Language

Tamil Language Committee Members

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TL Dept Duties

MT HOD & TL Co-ordinator

Level Rep P6

IP Head (CPA, Admin

ACE Programme

Enrichment for P5&6

W5 Cluster Rep

i/c (TL)P5 and P6 Creative Writing

i/c (TL)Festive Celebrations and House Visit

MT Dept Duties

Holistic Assessment

Enrichment Programmes (OIC)

Festive Celebrations



Mdm Sarojini


TL Dept Duties

Level Rep P2,P4&P5

Tr i/c of TL Resources

Tr i/c of Cultural & Literary Programmes

Level Rep P2, 4& 5

Enrichment for P3&4

Tamil Murasu Rep

MT Dept Duties

I-trail i/c (TL)

Tr i/c P3 and P4 Story Telling Showcase(OIC)

Tr i/c(TL) BBC

Tr i/c(TL) Notice Board



Mdm Kamisah


TL Dept Duties

Level Rep P1,P3

TL Rep for ICT

TL Rep for CCE

Enrichment for P1&2

MT Dept Duties

Tri/c MTL fortnight (TL)

P5&6 Essay Competition (OIC)

Tr i/c (TL)P1 and P2 Speech & Drama

CCE i/c Notice Board

TL Webpage Master


         Mdm Yogavathi