Programmes (Level)

ProgrammeLevel Dates
Buddy ProgrammeP1Ongoing (starting from Term 2)
Speech & Drama
MT Camp
MT Fortnight
Oratorical Showcase
 Hari Raya Concert
All (Except P3) 
Term 2
 P1-P5 Post Exam Activities All (Except P6) Term 4
 Library Period Activities All All year
 E-book All Per semester

Term 2:

Buddy Reading Programme

This programme aimed to instil reading habits as well as aid the pupils in learning to read well. Pupils learnt to blend sounds correctly to form words assisted by their buddies with the facilitation of the teachers. This programme not only instilled better reading skills among the pupils but also encouraged the buddies to be an active contributor to the society, in line with the desired outcomes of education.

P2 Speech and Drama Programme

This programme aimed to develop language and communication skills through incorporating role-playing, improvisation and language games which led to a drama performance. Through these activities, students were more affluent and confident speakers. Apart from that, they were also equipped with the Social and Emotional Competencies – skills to prepare them for the 21st century demands. The P1 and P2 pupils went through a series of sessions to equip them with skills for language and communication. With the knowledge gained, pupils showcased a drama performance. Parents were invited to celebrate their milestones in learning.

P1-P6(expect P3) MTL Fortnight

Every year, GRPS will dedicate two weeks for MTL Fortnight Programme. This programme gives the opportunity for pupils to do various activities to instil the love of learning about the mother tongue language and culture. Pupils were more confident and proficient communicators of the Mother Tongue language. To promote this, the ML unit had prepared various interesting activities for the pupils. 

Apart from these, we also had level wide activities such as the P3-P6 Writing Competition, Introduction 
of Malay Folk Tales in CCE lessons and Recess Activity where the pupils learnt how to tie the kain samping. 
The Malay pupils enjoyed learning about Malay language and culture in a fun way.

Hari Raya Concert

To celebrate the festive season of Hari Raya Puasa, selected pupils from P1 to P6 put up various performances for the school. The concert was opened with a spectacular Silat performance by 4 pupils. The Malay dancers were graceful in perfoming their Hari Raya song. Pupils were also entertained by the interaction activity where a few students got to dress up their teachers with the Malay traditional costumes. The most interesting part was the finale where we had some teachers parading their beautiful Malay traditional costumes and singing the Hari Raya song together with the P1 pupils. 

Oratorical Showcase

The P3 and P4 pupils went through a story telling showcase during the MT curriculum time. With the theme Harmony, pupils prepared a story to showcase to their peers.


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