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Cyber Wellness Resources for Parents

Useful Mobile Applications

1.       C-Quest


About the Game

C-Quest is specially designed to facilitate meaningful parent-child conversations on their online experiences and explore various cyber wellness issues in order to navigate the cyber space safely and responsibly.

The game is meant for parents with children aged 10 to 14. To complete the cyber quest, children have to converse with their parents and answer questions related to cyber wellness to earn stars and collect accessories and equipment for their Cyber Navigators.

The game also provides useful tips to the players to manage their online activities. These questions and tips are aligned to the Cyber Wellness lessons in the Form Teacher Guidance Period and the CCE Cyber Wellness Guidance Module. Where opinions differ, the game provides opportunities for the players to talk about their differences and understand how others may feel or think.

C-Quest is available on Google Play now. iOS version will be available by 1 Nov 2014.

More information about the app can be found at the Press Release here.

2.       NotAnoobie


The notAnoobie mobile app, developed by SingTel and TOUCH Cyber Wellness, aims to help parents understand and follow cyber-related developments and issues such as gaming, mobile technology and device addiction, social media dos and don’ts, as well as identifying and stopping cyber bullying, inappropriate content online and protecting personal privacy online. The app content includes articles, reviews, success stories, quizzes and daily tips.

With this app, parents can now be armed with the knowledge on-the-go and help educate their children to be responsible digital citizens and look out for possible online dangers.

With the increasing technological divide between parents and children, we hope that this app will allow parents to harness the potential of the cyber world and better connect with their children and help families grow closer with mutual understanding and respect.

A SingTel CSR initiative, the app can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google play stores by mobile users in Singapore on any network.

More information about the app can also be found at the Press Release here.