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Programmes (Level)

Pupil’s Programmes

2019 Level ICT Programme

Objective: To encourage pervasive use of ICT technology to fulfil baseline ICT standards.


LevelICT Skills
Primary 1Basic Computer Literacy
• Parts of Computer
• Navigation within Windows environment
• Touch Typing
 Primary 2Word Processing Skills
• Creating Mircosoft word
• Basic Text Editing and Formatting
• Inserting Images
Primary 3Presentation Slides
• Creating Presentation Slides on Google Docs
• Basic Editing and Formatting
• Inserting Images
• Adding Transition and Animation Effects
Primary 4Communication Tools (Sending Emails)
• Understanding the Basics of Electronic Mails
• Gmail Overview
• Sending Emails (With and Without Attachments)

• Understanding the Basics of Spreadsheets
• Entering and Formatting Data
• Adding and Formatting Bar Graphs and Line Graphs

Primary 5Collaborative Learning (Composition Writing)
• Creating and Sharing Documents on Google Docs
• Brainstorming of Ideas
• Peer Editing
Primary 6 Animation (Post PSLE)
• Understanding the Basics of Animation
• Creating An Animation Clip

Students in Action

(A) Maths and Science Week @ GRPS

During this exciting week, pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6 had a chance to have a ‘Math Dual’ with a friend and take part in a Science Quiz via IPADs during their recesses The pupils found it exciting to challenge one another in their addition and multiplication skills and were seen doing competitive mental sums. The Science quiz being visually engaging even attracted the Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils to attempt the quiz. It was truly an exciting recess for all the pupils with math and science posters, experiments, demonstrations and technology side by side. 


The P5 pupils had a fruitful experience on board the furbished bus by IDA to learn how to code a game using the Microsoft Kodu software. Through this activity, they learnt that coding can be fun and it is possible to create applications without the need to write code. The pupils also had an enjoyable hands-on session using the software to code a game. Pupils’ response and feedback have been very encouraging.


As part of the Mother Tongue Fortnight activity, the P4 students had a fruitful experience going on a self-directed learning journey with the use of ipad. Students were engaged during the learning journey have a deeper understanding of Singapore’s diverse and rich culture.