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Stellar Curriculum

Primary 1 and 2


STELLAR- Shared Book Reading (SBA)

Reading big books together


STELLAR- Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA)

Pre-writing experience: Making ice-cream sundaes.


Pre-writing experience: Bubble party and life cycle of a butterfly.


The shared experiences provided the context and content for the children to think and talk about. With the help of the teacher who transcribes the children's input, the students come up with a piece of class writing. This will become the basis for group writing, when the children work in small groups, before they go on to individual writing.


STELLAR- Learning Centres (LC)

To reinforce the students’ language skills, teachers create specific mini lessons in the Reading Centre, Word Study Centre and Listening Centre for the students to participate in. 


Show & Tell (Primary 1 and 2)

To build the students’ self-confidence in public speaking, Show & Tell was introduced as a form of formative assessment for the lower primary students.


Primary 3 and 4

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) is a regularly scheduled, fixed period of time in which everyone in the room reads a book of his/her choice quietly and without any interruptions. It encourages the students to develop a love for reading.


Book Talk

As part of formative assessment, primary 3 students do a Book Talk on their favourite book. It gives them an opportunity to share about their favourite books with their classmates and also builds their confidence in public speaking.


Differentiated Instruction (DI)

Students are given differentiated support at various points of instruction to optimise their learning. Appropriate activities are designed to support, reinforce and extend their learning. 


Primary 5 and 6

Global Awareness Programme

Primary 4, 5 and 6 students subscribe to the Little Red Dot (LRD) yearly. It is to inculcate the habit of reading newspapers from young and to expose them to news and current events, with elements of social emotional learning, values education and National Education. Teachers will use the newspaper articles to lead the class in discussions about the values that are reflected in the articles. After the discussion, students will have to write a reflection on their takeaway and moral stand on the issues discussed. Each term, the English Department will focus on 2 core values.

The core values are as follows:-

School Term 1

School Term 2

School Term 3

Integrity and Responsibility

Graciousness and


Harmony and Resilience



Notice Board to display the core values for the term

Selected pieces are displayed on the notice board in the Quiet Zone. This is to showcase the students’ boundless creativity and to stimulate them to think about what they can do to make our society a better place for all.


Sharing their insights and reflections on the articles

In addition, selected students with the best piece of work will be given a chance to share their insights with the school as part of our pre-assembly programme


Students sharing their reflections and insights during Pre-Assembly