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Vision & Mission


A Gracious Child, a Responsible leader, a Public-spirited citizen


To nurture every child to be a concerned citizen and active contributor

CCE Department Framework


The school’s CCE framework is adapted from Character Education Partnership’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education. At the centre of the framework, are our students, to signify that the framework is student-centric and the next ring shows it is values-driven. Our school’s values-driven education is firmly anchored on MOE’s core values and school values, namely the civic values1, moral values2 and performance values3. 

The civic values enable the pupils to develop love and appreciation for Singapore. The moral values trigger them to do the right things in a given situation. The performance values empower the pupils to set stretch goals and targets to achieve excellence and optimal performance. The explicit teaching of these three values will enable the pupils to develop the 21st Century Competencies of Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-cultural Skills. 

The opportunities for these skills are embedded and supported through the school’s academic, non-academic and school-based CCE programmes. The whole process is strongly supported by the active engagement of the school leaders and staff, parents and community partners. 

All these efforts enable our pupils to attain our school vision of being an ‘Engaged Learners, Caring Leaders’.
1 - Harmony (MOE), Public-spirited (School)
2 - Respect (MOE), Care (MOE), Gracious (School)
3 - Responsibility (MOE & School), Resilience (MOE), Integrity (MOE)