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Citizenship Education

Commemorating NE Core events

1) Total Defence Day 

Greenridge Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) on 15 Feb 2016. The main objective of the event was to highlight the fall of Singapore to Japanese forces 74 years ago and the suffering the local population went through for the next three and a half years. A series of activities were organised for children to participate and learn from the different experiences. 

Prior to TDD, classroom activities were organised for pupils to come up with haikus expressing their love for Singapore and how they will defend it. Pupils learnt how to prepare their own ready bag in an emergency situation. Pupils were also given the ‘Family Time Card’ that created opportunities for parents to talk about total defence with their children and what they must do as a family in an emergency.

On the actual day, pupils had an assembly talk that highlighted the main events that happened 74 years ago and on the importance of the five aspects of total defence. During recess, pupils experienced eating rice porridge with sweet potatoes - the same food that people ate during the Japanese occupation. As part of recess activities, the pupils learnt how to dress small cuts and wounds, perform the “Stop, Drop and Roll” as part of a drill should their clothes catch fire. Pupils also contributed recyclables to show how they can play a part for a sustainable Singapore. 

2) International Friendship Day

Greenridge Primary students celebrated International Friendship Day (IFD) on 6th April. This year, the theme for IFD was ‘Celebrating the ASEAN Community’. We want our students to learn, appreciate and celebrate the shared successes, robust growth and resilience of the ASEAN people. 

A series of exciting activities were lined up for the students to deepen their understanding of the relations that we share with other countries. The events kicked off with the making of friendship bands to emphasise the need to develop and maintain healthy friendships. Students had cohort-based CCE lessons to talk about the different aspects of ASEAN heritage and culture. 

The P1 and P3 students were given a family time cards for parents to share their positive experience with their international friends. The students also enjoyed an enriching assembly programme where a lot of information of ASEAN’s success was shared and how they are going to grow up and contribute to that community in future. During recess, students learn of some food sources that come from other countries and how to greet and say ‘Thank you’ in ASEAN languages. 

3) Racial Harmony Day

On 21 July each year, schools commemorate Racial Harmony Day (RHD) to mark the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots. On this day, students will reflect on and celebrate Singapore as a harmonious society built on a rich diversity of cultures. RHD serves as a reminder that promoting social cohesion and racial harmony requires collaborative efforts from our educators, students and stakeholders. 

Prior to RHD, students had CCE lesson where they learn the importance of working and living harmoniously with people of all races. The P4 students had a cohort experience of being a ‘Racial Harmony Ambassador’ and promoting racial harmony among their friends and neighbours. Students wrote messages to their friends, thanking them for being their pillars of strength in times of need. On the day of the event, parent volunteers came together to set up learning booths to teach the students the significance of each race’s unique traditions and practices. Overall, the students had a very good time learning and appreciating each other’s race. 

4) National Day

5) Field-based learning