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Staff Platinum Award

The Staff Platinum Award is a school based award bestowed upon our school staff, by fellow Greenridge staff. It is a platform to recognise and affirm our staff who best embody and display the iGRPS* values. We would like to congratulate the 2019 Staff Platinum Award recipients.

Most Gracious Staff

Most Responsible Staff

Most Public-spirited Staff

Ms Nor Umniyati Bte Ali.jpg


Mdm Rohaini Bte Yahya.jpg


Mdm Ang Lor Nah.jpg


Miss Ang Him Lui.jpg


Mdm Farah Filza Bte Muhammad Rajaie.jpg


Ms Tan Swee Leng Sharon.jpg 

Miss Lek Soi Moi Sally.jpg


Miss Sim Siok Hoon.jpg


Mr Muhammad Khairon Bin Yunus.jpg 

* - i – integrity, G – Gracious, R – Responsibility, & PS – Public-spirited

National Day Awards 2019

Commendation Medal


Ms Ong Ai Leng.jpg
Ms Ong Ai Leng

Congratulations to Miss Ong Ai Leng for being awarded the Commendation Medal at the National Day Awards 2019! The Commendation Medal is awarded to public officers who have distinguished themselves through commendable performance and conduct, or significant efficiency, competence and devotion to duty. We thank her for her exceptional work in teaching and leading fellow teachers all these years and look forward to her continuous contributions to education.

Long Service Medal


Mr Mohd Ramdan  Bin Mohd Mahpol.jpg 
Mr Mohd Ramdan Bin Mohd Mahpol

Mdm Florence Ng Yoke Chan 
Mdm Zuleha Bte Abdullah.jpg
Mdm Zuleha Binte Abdullah
Mdm Shanthi Devi.jpg
Mdm Shanthi Devi D/O Rangasamy 

Congratulations to Mr Mohd Ramdan Bin Mohd Mahpol, Mdm Florence Ng Yoke Chan, Mdm Zuleha Binte Abdullah and Mdm Shanthi Devi d/o Rangasamy for being awarded the Long Service Medal! The Long Service Medal is awarded to public service officers who are of irreproachable character and have completed at least 25 years of service in the public service. We thank them for their dedication and 25 years of service to education.
MOE Service Excellence Award 2018

Ms Sim Siok Hoon (Gold)
Mdm Rohaini Binte Yahya (Gold)
Mr Leng Wah Kee (Silver)


National Day Awards 2017 – Commendation Medal
Mdm Pek Shu San


National Day Awards 2016 – Commendation Medal
Mdm Ang Lor Nah

MOE Service Excellence Award 2017

Miss Shimmie Ramachandran (Silver)
Miss Junainah Binte Sadar (Silver)
Miss Noorhayati Bte Mahmood Khan@ Yats Khan (Silver)
Mr Muhammad Irsadi Bin Munaris (Silver)
Ms Sim Siok Hoon (Silver)
Ms Nor Umniyati Binte Ali (Silver)
Mdm Siti Maimunah Binte Wahub (Silver)
Mdm Rohaini bte Yahya (Silver)
Mr Ramli B Md Said (Silver)


Caring Teacher Award 2016

Mdm Ang Lor Nah
Ms Cheok Tze Mei
Mdm Jayarani Selvaraju
Ms Low Li Lian
Ms Tan Swee Leng Sharon 

Awarded by NIE, the Caring Teacher Award (CTA) pays tribute to teachers who show care and concern for the holistic development of their students, and go the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners. 

totldef.jpgTotal Defence Awards 2016 – Advocate of NS (Organisations) Award

Awarded by Ministry of Defence, Advocate of NS (Organisations) Award recognises educational institutions and family and community organisations that demonstrate strong support for National Service.


National Arts Education Glow Award (2015)

Awarded by National Art Council, National Arts Education Glow Award recognises schools which provide holistic, integrated and sustained arts education for their students.


School Green Awards – Lotus Sustained Achievement Award
Awarded (2015, 2014)

Presented by Singapore Environment Council 

4.jpgNorth West Outstanding School Partner Award

Awarded Gold (2016, 2015)
Silver (2014, 2013)
Bronze (2018, 2017)

Awarded by North West CDC in recognition of schools’ partnership efforts with North West CDC to serve the community.


National Day Awards 2015 – Efficiency Medal
Ms Sally Lek

Association of Academy of Singapore Teachers (2015, 2014)

Mdm Nur Jannah

Spring Singapore’s Excellent Service Award

 A national award that recognises individuals who have delivered quality service.


Ms Sim Siok Hoon (Star)
Mdm Kek Boon Hui Yvonne (Star)
Ms Junainah binte Sadar (Gold)
Ms Noorhayati Binte Mahmood Khan (Gold)
Mdm Rohaini bte Yahya (Gold)
Ms Nor Umniyati Bte Ali (Gold)
Mdm Nur Faezah Binte Moktar (Silver)
Ms Shimmie Ramachandran (Silver)


Ms Junainah binte Sadar (Gold) 
Mdm Kek Boon Hui Yvonne (Gold) 
Mr Leng Wah Kee (Gold) 
Ms Noorhayati Binte Mahmood Khan (Gold) 
Ms Nor Umniyati Bte Ali (Gold) 
Mdm Rohaini bte Yahya (Gold) 
Ms Sim Siok Hoon (Gold) 
Mdm Ng Soi Mui (Silver) 
Mr Ramli Bin Md Said (Silver)


Ms Sim Siok Hoon (Star)
Mr Leng Wah Kee (Gold)
Ms Chong Chin Yih (Gold)
Mdm Rohaini Yahya (Gold)
Ms Noorhayati (Gold)
Ms Junainah (Gold)
Mdm Yvonne Kwok (Gold)
Mrs Lee-Loh Kooi Keng (Silver)
Ms Umniyati (Silver)


Ms Junainah (Gold)
Ms Noorhayati (Gold)
Mdm Rohaini Yahya (Gold)
Mdm Yvonne Kek (Gold)
  Ms Chong Chin Yih (Silver)
  Mr Leng Wah Kee (Silver)

Association of Academy of Singapore Teachers (2014)

Mdm Rafizah

MOE Service Excellence Award 2014

Ms Sim Siok Hoon

Caring Teacher Award 2014

Mdm Ang Lor Nah
Mr Mohd Khairon
Ms Sally Lek
Mdm Jayhindy
Ms Tan Swee Leng Sharon

People Developer Certification (2013)

Awarded by Spring Singapore, the People Developer (PD) recognises organisations that attain commendable levels of performance or business excellence niche standard for people in five dimensions, namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People and Results. 

Niche Status (Pri) (2013)
Funtastick Harmony – A Citizenship Education Programme
to nurture 21st Century Greenridgeans

Greenridge Primary was awarded the Programme for School-Based Excellence for Primary Schools (PSE) in 2005 for our efforts to develop strong primary schools with distinctive character to give more opportunities for our pupils to develop different areas of excellence. In 2012, as part of MOE’s enhancement to the peaks of excellence (POEs), the school continued to sustain its niche in the area of Citizenship Education with its Niche Status (Pri) for its signature Funtastick Harmony Programme. 

Green Audit (Lotus) Award (2012)

The school was awarded the Green Audit (Lotus) Award by Singapore Environment Council (SEC) for demonstrating its commitment to the environment and for encouraging environmental awareness amongst GRPS pupils by participating in the Green Audit Project. 

Lee Kuan Yew National Education Award (2010, 2005

The Lee Kuan Yew National Education (LKY NE) Award recognises schools that have made special efforts to design and implement innovative and effective programmes to equip our students with the basic attitudes, values and instincts which make them Singaporeans. As the LKY NE Award is the pinnacle of the NE awards, winners of the LKY NE Award will be deemed to have attained the Outstanding Development Award for National Education.

School Family Education (SFE) Programme (2005 - current)

School Family Education initiative, SFE for short, is aimed at making family life education resources easily available to parents, students, teachers and all school staff.

West Zone Centre of Excellence
for Character and Citizenship Education (2012)

The Centre of Excellence (COE) is awarded to schools that have developed its niche area to a higher level and is recognised by stakeholders as a zonal COE.