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Term 3 Notification Letter For Parents - Updated 4th July 2018

Dear Parents, once again, we are at the midpoint of a year and June vacation beckons. It is a time for reflection; to think through what we have done so that we can improve in the months ahead. As a parent myself, one aspect I believe worth reflecting on...

Fostering Positivity and Meaning in Schools

Our school was recently featured in an article on the March 2018 issue on Fostering Positivity and Meaning for SingTeach. 

Student Learning Spaces (SLS) - Instructions and FAQs for Students

Dear Parents, with regards to the letters sent out on 18 April 2018, attached is the set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you with the usage of the Student Learning Spaces (SLS). 

Changes To The PSLE Scoring And Secondary One Posting From 2021

Click the link above to read and find out more on the changes to the PSLE scoring and secondary one posting from 2021.