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PE Curriculum

The PE Curriculum @ GRPS is designed according to the Physical Education Framework in the new PE Syllabus 2014 & 2015 to ensure our pupils have a balanced Physical Education Curriculum.


The Lower Primary Level (Primary 1 & 2) focuses on Fundamental Movements, Locomotor Movements and Educational Gymnastics which develop pupils’ psychomotor skills, control and co-ordination. These skills will lay the foundation for further learning of more advanced psychomotor skills, sports and games.

The Upper Primary level (Primary 3 – 6) focuses on further development and refinement of Fundamental Movements and Psychomotor Skills through a broad range of physical activities such as Educational Gymnastics, Games, Athletics and Swimming.

Outdoor Education (OE) is also incorporated into pupils’ lessons. OE engages the pupils’ spirit of adventure through exploring both natural and urbanised environments. Pupils will develop outdoor skills that enable them to move comfortably, confidently and safely over different terrains. Pupils will also learn to identify, assess and manage risks to self and others as they learn to interact responsibly with and care for the environments they explore. These opportunities will also encourage pupils to connect with the place they live in.