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Cyber Wellness


To promote responsible use of ICT tools among school population


Lesson Integration

Theme by Level




Lesson Integration


Cyber Safety


Danger of cyber contacts

ICT Enrichment, FTGP



Having good manners online


ICT Enrichment, FTGP


Cyber Safety

Stay safe in cyberworld


ICT Enrichment, FTGP


Computer Addiction;

Cyber Security

Protecting personal information, Securing computer and online accounts, Handling inappropriate content

ICT Enrichment (Sending & Checking Emails), FTGP, CCE



Using copyright materials


Assembly, FTGP


Cyber Bullying

Stop cyber bullying



Acceptable Use Policy
The focus of an AUP is to educate students on the responsible use of computer networks.

Needs Analysis
A survey is conducted on MC Online to identify the concerns with regards to the cyber wellness issues within school population.

(A) ICT Champions Training workshop

The ICT department conducted a school wide training workshop for all ICT Champions during the first week of school. They underwent an intensive AVA hands-on training and were also briefed on their new role as Cyber wellness ambassadors in their respective classrooms. The ICT Champions were also given leadership opportunities to create and maintain a Cyber wellness corner in their classroom to promote Cyber wellness to their classmates.

(B) Assembly

(i) Safer Internet Day

On that day, the ICT department gave an assembly talk to the pupils on how to be more responsible when using the internet.

The whole school then recite the “Cyber wellness pledge” to be Gracious, Responsible and Public-Spirited users of the internet. Prizes were also given out to one class in each level which has the best Cyber wellness corner.

(ii) Cyber Wellness Week

In commemoration of The Cyber Wellness Week, an assembly talk was showcased by the ICT department for pupils to create awareness on protecting themselves in cyberspace. Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors also shared about a fun game which promoted Cyber Wellness to their peers.

In addition, there were also fun and exciting recess activities for students to participate. Through these activities, students learnt to be safe and responsible users of the internet.