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Creating a Vibrant Reading Culture in School


In Greenridge Primary, we believe that reading is the key to knowledge and lifelong learning. We also believe that reading is key leverage to help students improve their language proficiency in all the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The overall objective of our school-wide reading programme is for students to become life-long readers through a vibrant reading culture in our school.

Our school-wide programme aims to expose our students to various genres of books and to enthuse them to read extensively through mass engagement platforms such as assembly talks by local writers and NLB officers, pre-assembly silent reading, reading fests and story-telling sessions by our Principal.

Our school works closely with key partners in the implementation of our school wide reading programmes.  The National Library Board (NLB) is one of the key partners. Some of the programmes that we have collaborated with NLB include the NLB Book Talks/Book Buzz and Mass Borrowing in School which introduces different genres of books to the pupils. 

We also conducted Reading Fest annually as a way to get the pupils to be more involved in reading. Our Media Resource Library (MRL) also plays a key part in making the books more accessible to the pupils and to let them immerse in the joy of reading.

The following are some of our main reading programmes conducted in the school and during our library CCA.



The library operating hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday

7.45 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.


7.45 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Closed for Librarian's Lunch

1.15 p.m. - 1.45 p.m.

Our friendly school librarian, Mdm Yati, ensures the MRL remains a conducive, interactive and vibrant place for the pupils to read and participate in reading activities.


A)   Wide Range of Books

We have a repertoire of books from different genres to meet the pupils’ interest.      


B)   Use of Computers in Library

Pupils may also use the computers available in the library to access audiobooks or do their class assignments.


C)   Online Catalogue (OPAC)

Pupils may also check out the new arrivals and other library resources through the OPAC system online:





D) McOnline Social Learning Wall 

Do log in to McOnline and check out this for library updates on programmes and activities in the school! (Under “Announcements”).

There is also a link for students to fill in a Google Doc to recommend books that are not available in the school library and these books may be purchased in the future and be put in the library. Please refer to link posted in McOnline.

E) Suggestion Box

We welcome any suggestions from teachers and students with regards to any improvements that can made to the library. Please approach the school librarian for the suggestion form.



A)   Reading Fest 

Our focus for Reading Fest may be on recommendation of different genres of books, local writers’ stories, values or library skills. Students work in groups to read for information and be involved in various activities like doing the crossword puzzles, book hunt and etc.


B)   Pre-assembly Sharing and Noticeboard Updates

During pre-assembly in the morning, teachers will share on some library updates as well as to promote different genres of books to the pupils in the hall. Library updates can also be found on the library noticeboard at the canteen.


C)   Pocket-Sized Programme (Monthly Thematic Book Displays) and Other Displays Linked to Festivals/Cultures in Singapore. 

Every month, our librarian would prepare book displays and activities linked to different exciting topics or themes e.g. Chinese New Year, Know Your Library, Get to Know OPAC, Books to Movies, Racial Harmony Day, Discover Big Nate and etc.

These book displays help to boost pupils’ interest in the different themes and genres of books and exposed them to the new and current collections in the library. The displays also convey meaningful information about the topics/themes.




D)   Book Buzz/Book Talks by NLB

A librarian from National Library Board (NLB) will give a book talk in the school for the P1-6 students and this book talk covers book recommendations based on a particular theme. Students are able to borrow the books or books of similar genre mentioned during the book talks immediately after the book talks in the school library. 

E) Mass Borrowing in School (Books from NLB)

Usually the book talks will be followed by NLB mass borrowing in the school. The books from NLB will be brought to our school and all students have the opportunity to borrow the books without the need to travel to any of the NLB libraries.
F)  P1 Library Orientation

We conduct library orientation for all Primary 1 students who are new to the school. The students will be able to familiarise themselves with the library environment and learn the procedures for finding, borrowing and returning books. This motivates the young students to cultivate a reading habit in school quickly.


G)   Movie Screening 

Books do come alive in movies. Watching movies adapted based on popular books is a great way to have a glimpse into the world of the great writers. These movies also create a lot of curiosity in the children, resulting in them picking up the related books and read them in details. So far, we have an overwhelming response for the movie screenings and around 60 pupils had joined us for the movie screening on 29 July.


F) Book Fiesta! (New Books Launch)

More than 4000 new English books were added to the school library in October 2016. Popular series like Geronimo Stilton, Mr Midnight, Diary of the Wimpy Kid and many more are available. Every year, we continue to purchase new books to update the library collection.
Assembly talks on the Book Fiesta were done for P1-6 and the students were very eager to borrow the new book titles. The loans increased tremendously during each new book launch due to the students’ great enthusiasm and interest in the books.

Do look out for more new books each year. You can read up on more information from our McOnline library social learning wall or use the search function (OPAC) to find the books you want.



G) National Reading Movement and National Reading Day

Our school is registered as A Reading School!

To find out more: http://www.nationalreadingmovement.sg/

Together with the nationwide National Reading Movement and National Reading Day, we also aim to encourage our pupils to “Read More, Read Widely and Read Together”. As part of a reading nation, our school will constantly review our reading programmes and activities to meet the needs of the pupils and to develop a vibrant reading culture in Greenridge Primary School.