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Stellar Curriculum

P1 & P2

stellar1.jpg                                    Source: Strategies For English Language Learning and Reading

STELLAR- Shared Book Reading (SBA)

Pupils enjoying the story with their teachers…


STELLAR- Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA)

Pupils having shared experiences and talking about them …


Pupils engaging with another to write about their experiences…


STELLAR- Learning Centres (LC)

The pupils are going to different learning centres to learn about grammar, vocabulary, word recognition, spelling and reading.


P3 & P 4

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) is a regularly scheduled, fixed period of time in which everyone in the room including the teacher reads a book of his/her choice quietly and uninterrupted. This strategy provides pupils with authentic opportunities to enjoy reading while practising their silent reading skills.

stellar6.jpgBook Talk

Book Talk is part of the formative assessment for Primary 3. The pupils are given the opportunity to talk about a book that is of great interest to him or her. This is to foster a love of reading and encouraging them to be confident speakers.


Differentiated Instruction (DI)

Pupils are provided with differentiated support at various points of instruction to optimise their learning. Appropriate activities are designed to support, reinforce and extend their learning.


P5 & P 6

Global Awareness Programme

Our English Department has subscribed to the Little Red Dot (LRD) for our Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils.  The teachers are required to teach pupils values through the newspaper articles.  The teachers lead the class in discussion about the values elicited from the article.   They also predict the outcomes of such behaviours and actions or make links between the two.  After the discussion, pupils write a reflection on their takeaways and moral stand on the issue discussed.  Each term, we will focus on 2 core values.

The core values are as follows:-

School Term 1

School Term 2

School Term 3

School Term 4


Public -Spiritedness








English Teachers are to select and vet the best piece of work from the class and submit it to the department.  These pieces will be displayed at notice board in the Quiet Zone.  

This is to showcase the pupils’ boundless creativity and to stimulate them to think about what they can do to make our society a better place for all. These are the submission deadlines for the pupils’ work.

School Term 1

School Term 2

School Term 3

School Term 4

12 February (Fri)

8 April (Fri)

8 July (Fri)


                                         Pupils share their insights and reflections on the articles.

In addition, the pupils who submit the best piece of work will be given a chance to share their insights with the school as part of our pre-assembly programme. The pre-assembly programme schedule is as follows:-

School Term 1

School Term 2

School Term 3

School Term 4

22 February (Mon)

18 April (Mon)

20 July (Wed)