SG50 Celebration

Our pupils celebrate the nation's Golden Jubilee with the Munnaeru Vaalibaa & Rasa Sayang dance.

p4 sg 50 dance1.pngp3 sg 50 dance.png

P6 Percussion

The primary 6 pupils discover the joy in drumming during our in-house percussion programme. The programme provides the platform for our pupils to explore and experience percussion playing. 

P6 percussion.jpg

P5 Ukulele

The ukulele has always been very popular with our pupils basically because it is such a fun instrument to play. Through our ukulele lessons, we hope that our pupils will discover their musical talent and embark in their journey of music making.


P3 Orff Instruments

Using Orff Instruments is part of our learning approach in Music. The instruments possess unique timbres, which make all parts clear and well defined and this helps children become sensitive listeners and considerate participants as they play together in an ensemble.