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Principal's Message


It is with much optimism, enthusiasm and warmth that we welcome you to the 2017 academic year. We are confident that with learning, effort and a growth mindset, we will continue to scale greater heights together. I know that my work in Greenridge Primary will be a deeply satisfying one because of the support from students, teachers, staff, parents and partners. Let us continue to collaborate in our relentless pursuit towards excellence for our students.

Striving for Academic Engagement

Academically, our pursuit of Excellence is driven by the school’s mission “To nurture lifelong learners”. We know that when our students are engaged academically, they will develop a lifelong passion for learning and excellent academic performance will become a natural result of this love for learning. This year, we will continue to strengthen the teaching and learning processes in the classrooms. 

We are committed to the use of instructional strategies that engage our students, enable higher order thinking and facilitate the responsibility of learning to be gradually released from the teacher to the student so that students learn collaboratively and become self-directed learners. Our teachers are equipped with tools that will allow them to use formative assessment strategies to understand the needs of the students and better modify their lessons to enhance learning. Teachers also have access to rich technology-based resources to support and enrich classroom lessons for our young digital natives.

Developing the Whole Child

Excellence in Sports, Health and Aesthetics

Our pursuit of Excellence is not limited to the cognitive domain. In the physical and aesthetics domains, we customise the curriculum to enable our students to acquire lifelong Sports, Art and Music skills. We will continue to enliven students’ Physical, Art and Music education experiences through student-centric approaches. We will leverage on good teaching practices to foster the development of 21 Century Competencies in PE, Art and Music.

We look forward to the enthusiastic participation of our students in Physical Education as well as various sports and health-related activities such as our annual Mass Walk and Run, Play@Recess and Health Week. As our pupils pursue physical excellence in sports activities and CCAs, we consciously look into their character development so that they may grow to become honourable sportsman who live better through sports.

We enhance our students’ strength in the Music and Art areas through engaging Art and Music lessons as well as our Talented Artists and Musical Artists programmes. It is our intent for these programmes to develop our students into young musicians and artists who are able to express their hopes and aspirations through beautifully-crafted music and art pieces. Many of these aesthetics endeavours will require our young artists to work seamlessly together, become friends and in the process, understand the value of Teamwork. 

Excellence in Social, Moral and Leadership Development

Learning for Life Programme: NE2+ (Positive)
Nurturing Ethical and Effective Leaders with Positive mind-sets

Excellence in Social, Moral and Leadership development is best seen when our pupils live our school vision; when they apply what they have learnt as caring leaders to serve the local community. As part of school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), we develop our students’ Positive Mind-sets through school-wide Positive Psychology initiatives focussing on building a Growth Mindset and Resilience as well as Character Strengths such as Gratitude and Hope (Optimism). Our students are equipped with leadership competencies through our school-based student leadership curriculum to develop their moral, civic and performance character. We continue to enhance our students’ understanding of our school values and MOE core values through CCE and Social Studies lessons as well as our school-based initiatives: “My Journey to a True Heart” and “Funtastick Harmony”. We create authentic service and leadership opportunities and experiences for our students so that they may apply what they have learnt to give back to the local community. Through these initiatives, we are confident that our students will grow to become Ethical and Effective Student Leaders.

Fostering a Learning and Caring Culture

At Greenridge Primary, we understand that the foundation of our students’ growth and accomplishments must be built from a strong Learning and Caring School Culture. Therefore, we enhance the competency of our staff to achieve professional excellence through useful learning spaces. We build the staff capacity to innovate and lead. We leverage on our strong staff relationship to build strong, caring and effective leadership at all levels. We are committed to further enhance staff engagement by providing a caring and meaningful working-learning environment. As we celebrate our successes and reflect on missed opportunities, we continue to learn so that we will always improve, just like our vision asks of us to be “Engaged Learners, Caring Leaders”. 

Excellence, our Responsible pursuit. Public-spiritedness, our Motivation.

We pursue excellence in Greenridge, not for the glory that comes with it but because of our responsibility and commitment to do our best. Public-Spiritedness is our Motivation for our meaningful work in education. We want excellence, because it is a result of our relentless efforts to serve. In the words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.” We will humbly remember that our achievements are a result of the efforts that we repeatedly put into what we do. Let us continue to strive for excellence in 2017, in the small and big things we do every single day, for the students and community we have been called to serve. Have an enriching and meaningful 2017!

Mr Chua Choon Hock (Chris)