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Time Trekker

Time Trekker Base Camp


The Time Trekker Base Camp began life as the W5 Cluster NE Hub when it was officially launched on 21 July 2004 by Mr Yang Che Kay, our Cluster Superintendent. The NE Hub was conceived as a centre for NE activities and resources for the 13 schools in the cluster, a purpose which it had served well over the last two years.

In 2006, in an effort led by our principal, Mrs Chew Lai Mun, planning began on how to upgrade the NE Hub facilities and activities with a focus on adopting an approach to NE which the young of today can identify with and would find 'cool'. We decided to adopt the time travel approach - bringing our children on a journey of NE through the past, the present and the future.


The theme as reflected in the name Time Trekker, connotes an exciting journey through time, discovering, experiencing and gaining insights. The NE Hub has been totally redesigned and upgraded to bring visitors on a brief journey through key points in Singapore's history to the present and culminating in an Event Hall where visitors are aided to reflect on issues of the future posted on three 'Oracle Columns'.

The Time Trekker name has also been used in a new fun series of Learning Journeys which we have developed in the form of a commercial FUNPACK, which we hope other schools will find useful for their Learning Journeys.

Consistent with the Time Trekker theme, the NE Hub was relaunched as the Time Trekker Base Camp, the point from which children can embark on their adventures and draw their resources.

The Time Trekker Base Camp was officially opened by Mr Liang Eng Hwa, MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC and Mrs Susan Chan, Deputy Director for Schools (West) on 16 November 2006. The Time Trekker Funpack was also introduced to our guests on that auspicious occasion.

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