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FM @ Schools Coordinator

The following person has been appointed by Greenridge Primary School as a Family Matters (FM) @ Schools Coordinator from 2nd Jan 2018 to 30th June 2019.

Name: Theresa Musni

Appointment: FamilyMatters @ School Coordinator (FM Coordinator)

Roles/ responsibilities:

  • Implement evidence-based parenting programmes (Triple P and Signposts) to the targeted cohorts (Pri 3/4).

        • Promotes Family Matters @ School programmes. 
        • Plans, organises and implements family life education programmes for parents and students (i.e parenting workshops, parent-child bonding activities & father-child bonding activities) 
        • Publicises programmes and encourages parents and students participation. 
        • Follow up with calls or emails to confirm participation. 
        • Provides administrative support such as collating of participants feedback. 
        • Collect money if the programme/ activities requires co-payment.

Thank you.