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Teaching and Learning Framework

Greenridge Primary aims to nurture our students to the best he or she can be (Every Child, an Engaged Learner). To that end, our Teaching and Learning framework, based on the MOE PETALS framework, is designed to promote engaged learning. 

Our Teaching and Learning Framework takes the form of a lighted bulb shining brightly and powered by 4 energy sources. The 4 energy sources describe the key features of the GRPS curriculum. To ensure our students are future-ready, Strong Foundation in literacy and numeracy, 21st Century Competencies, and Technology-enabled Learning will be integrated into the forward-looking and ability based curriculum.  Through Differentiated Support, GRPS curriculum ensures that the needs of students at different learning paces are met through our customised programmes.

The PETALs framework forms the filament of the GRPS T & L framework. Grounded on PETALs, GRPS identifies Pedagogies that promote student engagement in learning; creates meaningful Experiences of Learning that stimulates thinking and independent learning; cultivates a Tone of Environment that is safe and engenders trust; adopts Assessment practices that inform teaching and enhance student learning and engagement; and delivers developmentally-appropriate and authentic Learning Content for the students.

The bright white light emitted from the bulb represents the school’s vision “Engaged Learners, Caring Leaders”. The white light also represents our hope that our students will become engaged learners that light up their own minds and the minds of those around them. We also believe that they will apply what they have learnt as caring leaders who shine brightly for their classmates, the school, the community, the nation and eventually the world.