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Student Well-Being

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Year Head P3 & P4

Year Head P5 & P6 


Mdm Nur Jannah Juri

Mr See Kok Ching


Subject Head Discipline


Mr Yeo Wi Kiat


Subject Head Student Leadership 


Mrs Heng - Wang Yingshan


School Counsellor


Ms Shimmie Ramachandran


Prefect Mistress


Ms Haslinda Bte Mohd Hashim
Ms Goh Sihui


Sexuality Education (SEd)

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)



Mdm Serene Ngoh


Rating Tool for Social and
Emotional Competency (RTSEC)



Mr Chua Teck Yong


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Social Skills



Ms Haslinda Bte Mohd Hashim

Mr Tan Kah Keong

 Mr Chua Teck Yong 
 Mr Iskandar Mostakim
 Mr Tan Kah Keong


Case Management Team (CMT)



Mrs Paul Tay - Boo Soo Kiang


Allied Educators (AED LBS)

(Learning and Behavioural Support)


Ms Junainah Bte Sadar

Ms Alicia Wang Xin Chan


Teacher Aide (TA)


Ms Kelly Tan