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The Fourth Masterplan for ICT in Education [2015 – current]

Students develop competencies for self-directed and collaborative learning through the effective use of ICT as well as becoming discerning and responsible ICT users.

What is Self-Directed Learning (SDL)?

Self-directed learning (SDL) involves initiating personally challenging activities and developing personal knowledge and skills to pursue the challenges successfully (Gibbons, 2002).

For students engaged in self-directed learning, there will be:

  • Ownership of Learning
  • Management and Monitoring of Own Learning
  • Extension of Own Learning


What is Collaborative Learning (CoL)?

Collaborative learning (CoL) is where students work in pairs or groups to solve a problem or to achieve a common learning objective (Barkley et al., 2005).

For students engaged in collaborative learning, there will be:

  • Effective Group Processes
  • Individual and Group Accountability of Learning


Source: The ICT Connection