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Character Education

Journey to the True Heart (JTTH)

JTTH is the school’s flagship programme to inculcate good values and character in pupils. Primary to Primary 4 pupils are given a ‘bear card’ at the beginning of the year. When children display positive values or behaviours, they are given bear stickers to reaffirm their good behaviour. 

As for the Primary 5 and 6 pupils, they are issued with a Values Advocate Card with pre-existing tasks. Upper primary pupils are encouraged to explicitly display positive values and behaviours and advocate it to their fellow friend and family at home.

Value of the Month

Every month, pupils are exposed to a new focused value for the month (VOTH). These values comprise of the school and CCE core values. During the presentation, teachers provide definition and specific example to show what the values mean so that pupils can understand and internalise those values.

A Million Minutes of Graciousness

A million minutes of graciousness is a programme that provides a platform for pupils to display gracious and responsible behaviour. This programme encourages pupils to think beyond themselves and to care for the people and environment around them. Examples of such acts can be in the form of daily routinised cleaning, weekly recycling, tree planting, ‘Clean Plate’ campaign, donating clothes and toys for underprivileged children, conducting a food drive to support needy families or writing an appreciation card for the cleaners and security guards during the Kindness Day SG.

Values in Action

VIA is an integral component of Character and Citizenship Education in our school. Values in Action (VIA) are learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. VIA also fosters student ownership over how they contribute to the community. The 6 year VIA plan for our school can be found below:






Clean Classrooms @ GRPS



Clean Canteen @ GRPS



Happy Restrooms @ GRPS



P1 Buddy Programme &

Clean Buddy Workshop



I am a Dengue Fighter



Recycle @ Bt Panjang &

Intergenerational Learning Programme